The Internet offers the opportunity to get more information from home or work.

To develop your journalism skills and keep in touch with the latest media trends, you can use online courses open to the general public, so-called MOOCs.

These courses, which can be free or paid, require you to register on a specific date to follow or allow you to follow at any time. Once attended, a certificate can also be obtained.

MOOCs are largely prepared by world-renowned universities or institutes specialized in different fields.

You can find it on the site like Coursera, FutureLearn, EDX, Poynter News University, OpenSap, SchoolEducationGateway, Udemy etc.

Usually, these online courses are made up with short recorded videos and written lessons, which are viewed and followed step by step. They also provide exams and questionnaires for those who follow them.

Some online journalism courses that can be followed at any time:

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