How Albanian laws allow parties to hide crucial information from voters during campaigns

In last year’s Albanian elections, a company based in the northwest city of Lezhë donated.

Albanian government continues to approve new hydropower plants despite environmental and social impact

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Ministry of Diaspora routinely neglects to consult global Albanian leaders on new policies

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Internet brokerage, the fraudulent scheme in which thousands of Albanians become entangled

An investigation conducted by the Albanian Center for Quality Journalism has identified at least 80.

Lake Bovilla, endangered by erosion, polluted by sewage and waste

For more than a decade, experts have sought and requested the rehabilitation of the area.

Fuel in Albania, history of an unpunished and widespread crime

The most important fuel distribution companies in the country appear to be trading, for the.

Dreams for an intelligent classroom turning to dust in Albanian schools

$3.7 million was spent to equip 47,000 students around Albania with electronic tablets – now,.

Black market soccer

Most of Albanian soccer clubs have suffered a descent into informality over the years, as.

When Abortion and Life Cross Paths in Drugstores

Termination of pregnancies – the use of the abortion pill seems to have gotten out.