Air Albania – the promise of low-cost prices that were left on paper

Air Albania was introduced by the Albanian government as a promise of lower prices for.

No way, Lana’s issues won’t be solved not for another 10 years!

Due to delays, the government ousted the company building Lana’s water treatment plant. Now, the.

The open sewer in the middle of the city

Lana flows through Tiranaa in its most crutial neighborhoods. In the first article of this.

Urban buses can show you the map of Berlin, but they can’t explain where a pregnant woman should sit

As soon as you get on the bus that connects Nish Tulla with the center.

Unexploded military ammunitions still threaten lives

In the last 20 years, 151 people have lost their lives and 851 have been.

Institutions tolerate in silence the dual employment of the security forces

The State Police and the Guard of the Republic, where dual employment is forbidden by.

Coins and risks: The harsh reality of Roma beggars in Kosovo streets

Roma children from Albania are forced to beg on the streets of Kosovo with neither.

Taxes raise the price of a poor fuel, but its tricks are revealed

Even though there is fear that the fuel price will increase up to 200 lekë.

Elbasan Municipality, tenders without race and shadows of conflict of interest

Road and drainage system works, the city’s cleanup, purchase of fruits and vegetables for kindergartens.

Friendly sentiments are not helping Albania gain more U.S. investments

In 1998 Genti Daci saw opportunity in Albania–or at least the lack of internet access.