No way, Lana’s issues won’t be solved not for another 10 years!

Due to delays, the government ousted the company building Lana’s water treatment plant. Now, the.

The open sewer in the middle of the city

Lana flows through Tiranaa in its most crutial neighborhoods. In the first article of this.

“You are so dumb” *

The musical offers on the streets of homeland make you ask yourself: “Am I hearing.

Urban buses can show you the map of Berlin, but they can’t explain where a pregnant woman should sit

As soon as you get on the bus that connects Nish Tulla with the center.

Survey/ Journalists don’t get paid during employment trial period, in violation of the law

A survey conducted by the Albanian Center for Quality Journalism reveals that 75 percent of.

Mountains of waste in Elbasan: responsible parties play ping pong!

Despite promises made over the course of several decades, citizens still suffer consequences of the.

The untold story of Italian Call Centers in Albania

Companies that employ tens of thousands of Albanian youths show a dark side of neglect.

The medieval market of Kruja with souvenirs “Made in China”

A project aimed at supporting local production and preservation of traditional craftsmanship promised to reduce.

Durrës 2017, the battle between concrete and terracotta is hurting tourism

The ancient city where once upon a time East and West collided, today is witnessing.